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“C.K. Farrell is an absolutely spellbinding writer. In The Celtic Vampyre Saga, the suspense is killer, the characters are deep and complex, and the multiple arcs keep you constantly on edge.”

- Kitty Smith , Top 100 Amazon Reviewer

“Farrell draws you in from the get-go with his unique and engaging style, which at times leaves you breathless. This saga is as unpredictable as it is riveting.”

- Ruairi O'Hagan, Cork's RedFM

C.K. Farrell is an award-winning Irish novelist and comic book writer who is currently based in the United States of America. In-between hectic writing and research sessions, he spends his time walking his dogs around the woodlands and trails of Vermont, hoping to be hit by inspiration.

Presently, C.K. Farrell is working on finishing the remaining books of The Celtic Vampyre Saga, along with several other projects.

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Asenscion: Book Seven, The Celtic Vampyre Saga (TBA - 2021)

Vengeance: Book Six, The Celtic Vampyre Saga (TBA - 2021)

Intimate; or, The Place Where I Begin and You End (TBA - 2021)

Covenant: Book Five, The Celtic Vampyre Saga (TBA - 2021)

Cryptozoomania #3 The Lunas (TBA - 2021)

Cryptozoomania #2 In The Shadow of Emily’s Bridge (TBA - 2021)

Cryptozoomania #1 Neophyte (TBA - 2021)

Remembrance: Book Four, The Celtic Vampyre Saga (2015)

Fortunate; or, The Well of Inspiration by the Sycamore Tree (2013)

Delicate; or, The Devil Works in Mysterious Ways (2013)

Anthology One, The Celtic Vampyre Saga (2013)

Consequences: Book Three, The Celtic Vampyre Saga (2012)

Nocturne: Book Two, The Celtic Vampyre Saga (2012)

Disenchanted: Book One, The Celtic Vampyre Saga (2012)

Love in the Time of Grunge (2010)

Forgiven but not Forgotten (2009)

Easier Said than Done (2008)

Black is the Colour of My True Love’s Hair (2008)

The Deadline Chronicles (2008)

New Beginnings (2008)

Every Single Minute (2007)

Ink (2007)

Common Sense (2007)

Withering Within their Soil (2007)

Tales for the Disenchanted (2007)

Meaningless but Relevant (2007)

The Burnt Edges of Renaissance (2006)

Skinned Knees & Broken Smiles (2006)