Disenchanted: Book One

Faelynn LeCroix is a woman hell-bent on finding those responsible for the brutal murder of her mother and the abduction of her father. She’s on a quest for revenge and, in her opinion, the bloodier the better. The arduous trail that she has been doggedly following for three years has led her directly into the path of Nathaniel Valour, an Irish vampyre who rules over the territory of New England. At first, she sees him as nothing more than one of the fiends she disposes of on a nightly basis, but something tells her that Nathaniel is different from every other vampyre she has ever encountered on her trail of retribution. The truth is, Nathaniel Valour is different—he is a vampyre with a secret. Upon looking into the eyes of Faelynn, Nathaniel realises that she is the one he has unknowingly been waiting for. Can Faelynn see beyond her situation and place her fragile trust in the hands of a depraved creature of the night, one she swore to destroy every last one of? If she can, Faelynn may find herself closer than ever to quenching her thirst for vengeance.

“Dark, brooding and dripping with atmosphere, ‘Disenchanted’ is absolutely fantastic. With a great ear for dialogue and a wonderfully descriptive style, Farrell sucks you in from the first paragraph and doesn’t let you go until the climax which leaves you begging for more.” – Ruairi O’Hagan, Cork’s RedFM.

Nocturne: Book Two

After Nathaniel and Faelynn find more than an invaluable confidant in one another, together they begin to boldly journey deeper into the odyssey of their own destinies. Vowing to aid Nathaniel in his quest for salvation, only if he takes her to see the one she believes is responsible for all the heartache in her life so she can savour the sweet taste of vengeance, Faelynn finds herself making the long trek to the isle of Newfoundland, the dominion of Cormack de Crüel. Unknown to Nathaniel, Cormack and the vampyre elites are secretly meeting at the secluded Castle de Crüel in order to put the final pieces in place for the creation of a North American Vampyre Union—an insidious organisation that has only a dark and twisted agenda in store not just for humanity, but also vampyrekind. Has Faelynn unwittingly placed herself in harm’s way by putting her trust in Nathaniel? Or has Nathaniel foolishly placed himself in the line of fire by choosing to help someone other than himself for the first time in over two centuries?

“Masterful… Challenging… Beautiful… I loved it, I used to live for writing like this!” – Braine, Talk Supe.

“Nocturne satisfies the thirst that Disenchanted left and each scene encourages you to keep reading and enraptures the reader. I love the characters, they make you love them. I can not wait to read the next book!” - Akemot Seltrut, Amazon Reviewer

Consequences: Book Three

Once inside the walls of Castle de Crüel, Nathaniel and Faelynn quickly realise that they might be in over their heads. An unexpected meeting with someone of significance from his past throws Nathaniel into a tailspin, which does not bode well for Faelynn, whose chances of surviving her trip to Newfoundland go from slim to nothing in the matter of an instant. Faith in herself and her cause was responsible for getting her this far, but without anything less than a divine intervention, her fate seems set in stone when Nathaniel is taken prisoner and tortured by the newly-elected head of the North American Vampyre Union. To make matters worse, Faelynn is forced to choose whether he gets to live or die. The only problem is that she has to choose between the two most important men in her life: Nathaniel and her father. Either way, nobody can win when she makes this impossible choice. Or can they?

“C.K. Farrell has created another riveting account of the character Nathaniel vampire extraordinaire! Now the problem of waiting for the fourth book in the series Remembrance. I cannot put his books down, so I’m done with each in the blink of an eye.”- katd1519, Amazon Reviewer

“Too often do we see teen vampires bound by love, yet restricted by humanity. Disenchanted is a refreshing change, in that it portrays vampires in a worldly and historic manner with a whirlwind of dark romance. Farrell describes the events, characters and even feelings in such a way that it makes you feel like you are there.” - Gabrielle B, Amazon Reviewer

Anthology One

Anthology One is a collection containing the first three books of The Celtic Vampyre Saga – a haunting chronicle about bodies and souls bound by tragedy, grief, and bloodshed. The Celtic Vampyre Saga is a mythology that you can sink your teeth into, boasting a Byronic hero in the shape of Nathaniel Valour, a dogged heroine hell-bent on revenge who wears the name of Faelynn LeCroix, a merciless villainess of the night known in the darkest of shadows as Martha Harrington, and a morally corrupt egomaniac called Cormack de Crüel. At its core, The Celtic Vampyre Saga is about eternal love and the hardships that come with such a profound concept.

This intriguing and passionate saga would be attractive to the habitual readers of Gothic literary works, paranormal romance, and horror.

“An eloquent combination of eighteenth- century seriousness and modern day humor, The Celtic Vampyre Saga is incredibly well written with captivating language and an undeniable flow that captured my attention and made me thirsty for more. I would recommend this series for anyone who can read!” - Ashley Z, Photographer and Reveiwer

“Fantastic books. Can’t wait for the fourth. Characters are vivid and interesting. Twists and turns keep you interested. I just love how this author uses the English language, which allows me to imagine the story unfolding in great detail.” - Ghiarella, Amazon Reviewer

Remembrance: Book Four

Upon learning that Martha has commandeered the body of his new love, Faelynn, a frantic and puzzled Nathaniel seeks the help of a powerful clairvoyant, Elisabetta Orzic. Elisabetta pushes her supernatural abilities to their limits only to learn that Goddess Toleka has no plans of letting anyone undo her handiwork without suffering harsh ramifications. Even though Elisabetta is unable to disentangle the knot of chaos that Goddess Toleka has weaved, she uncovers the truth about Faelynn. The knowledge that Faelynn is not what Nathaniel thinks she is rocks him to his core. To make matters worse, Nathaniel gets a surprise visit from Cormack, who only hours previously survived an assassination attempt in the bowels of his own castle at the hands of Faelynn. He comes to Nathaniel not as an agent of vengeance, but as a diplomat—a diplomat with an olive branch in one hand and a blood-soaked shillelagh in the other. Cormack is also aware of what Goddess Toleka has done, and wants Martha to be placed back into her body before it’s too late. Ironically, for the first time in both the vampyres’ lives, time is not on their side. Will Nathaniel play ball and agree to put their differences aside for one night and work with his brother to find a solution? Or will Nathaniel trust his instincts and refuse Cormack’s help since he has burned him—figuratively and literally—not once, not twice, but umpteen times in the past.

“I remember being extremely impressed by the first book of the Celtic Vampyre Saga. Four books later, I can say that I’m still quite impressed! A lot of the times authors get “lazy” (so to speak) by the later books, but I think C. K. Farrell still did the same fantastic job as he did in the last three. Once again, we see the same complex characters and the intriguing, complex plot line. This is truly fantastic and will leave you wanting more.” - cc2015, Amazon Reviewer

Covenant: Book Five

Covenant: Book Five (The Celtic Vampyre Saga)